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About Miloh

I am a trained in modalities from around the world through UCMT endorsed by Steiner’s National Standard of Education. I passed National Exams, to become licensed through DOPL. In my first two jobs as an LMT I learned how to stand on my clients and massage them with the soles of my feet, I also learned about the process in which the body detoxes and each of the benefits of colonics. I continued my education through SLCC by participating in their Summer Yoga Teacher Training Program, and I have been practicing massage and yoga ever since.

What I have learned in my years of experience is that Healing is far More Profound than just fascial scar tissue or the metabolic waste exchange. Pain itself is just a learning mechanism in our bodies passed down through generations over 200,000 years to teach us, and keep us safe. Some lessons are not to touch fire, others I have found to be far More Prophetic & LifeAltering than I could have Ever Imagined.



So affordable; the greater price is remaining in pain.

Miloh’s Services


Monthly Clients | Standard Clients
$39 for 60min | $59 for 60min
$59 for 90min | $79 for 90min
$79 for 120min | $99 for 120min
Every session starts with a specific goal, we’ll begin with the problem area(s), professional recommendations are made, slowly we’ll work towards underlying issues, then end by evaluating the progress.


Monthly Clients | Standard Clients
$39 for 60min | $59 for 60min
Every class is unique to meet your individual needs, we start by evaluating any imbalances, followed by specific alignment exercises. Together we will develop a flow of movements that feel best to you.


Monthly Clients | Standard Clients
$39 for 60min | $59 for 60min
Shiatsu is a beautiful medley of massage and yoga, combining the detoxing benefits of massage with the unwinding benefits of yoga. Each session is composed of assisted stretches & compression on a mat.

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