learn skills to ask for what you want, set clear boundaries, and feel empowered in your communications

When you engage with another – whether it is a lover, friend or colleague – are you doing what they want you to do, or what they allow you to do? What is the difference and why does it matter?

We invite you to a 2.5-day workshop on the Wheel of Consent, which is a powerful tool to improve the quality of your relationships and create clear agreements so you can experience satisfying connection to self and others. The Wheel of consent is a model of interaction that is based on exchanges of touch, but it applies to so much more.

This workshop is about:

~ Redefining pleasure – connecting to what feels good and brings you joy

~ Making choices – learning how to choose for yourself

~ Understanding what Receiving and Giving really are, taking them apart and experiencing each

~ Understanding who is doing and who it is for – because they are different

~ Learning the framework of the Wheel of Consent and the four quadrants as a foundation for connection and relating

~ Becoming exquisitely aware of your desires and limits and how to communicate them

~ Gaining skills of empowerment and communication — noticing, valuing, and trusting what you want, having the courage to ask for it, and feeling safe enough to receive

The Wheel of Consent distinguishes between who is ‘doing’ and who it is for. With this distinction, four kinds of touch and relating become possible:

~ Accepting the gift of another’s service, where they do what you want, while respecting the limits of the person giving;

~ Serving another for their enjoyment, where you do what they want, within your own limits;

~ Taking for your own pleasure, where you do what you want, while respecting the limits of the person giving; and

~ Allowing another to take from you, where they do what they want with your permission, while you stay responsible for your limits.

Unless you take apart and experience each of these four aspects independently, it is impossible to know what they really are.

Understanding and embodying the Wheel of Consent happens through a somatic experience – you feel it in your skin. Therefore, there will be options to exchange touch with other participants, but it is never required. You are quite welcome to watch the entire time if you like.

This Workshop:

~ is clothed

~ is experiential – you will have plenty of opportunities to practice and explore

~ is for anyone who is interested in learning more about themselves and improving the quality of their relationships – with intimate partners, friends, parents, children or colleagues

~ let’s you start where you are – whether you are new to the Wheel or have been playing for years, there are always new levels of awareness to be found

~ teaches you the four quadrants of the Wheel – how to find them, feel them in your body and see where they can take you

~ respects your boundaries – you don’t ever have to touch anyone you don’t want to

~ is an all-inclusive event – all genders and sexual orientations welcome


This 2.5 non-residential workshop begins Friday evening and ends Sunday at 5 pm. Snacks will be provided. Bring lunch or pick up something nearby.

Friday, September 20th – 6:30 – 9:30 pm
Saturday, September 21st – 10 am – 6 pm
Sunday, September 22nd – 12:30 pm – 7 pm

Price for the workshop:

Early Bird (book by July 31st): US$275

Regular Registration (after July 31st): US$295


Vitalize Studio, 3474 S 2300 E #12, Salt Lake City, UT 84109

About the Facilitator:

Robyn Dalzen is Co-Founder of the School of Consent with Dr Betty Martin, creator of the Wheel of Consent. She is a transformational leadership and empowerment coach and certified facilitator of the Wheel of Consent Workshop. She works with individuals and couples to find back to their authentic truth by connecting back to the body and integrating sensuality and sexuality to live more wholly. Robyn’s desire is for individuals to feel empowered in all areas of life and love – to be able to identify, value and ask for what they want from the bedroom to the boardroom. Robyn holds degrees in Anthropology, Communications and Sustainable International Development and a certificate in Transformational Leadership Coaching. She has been a student, practitioner and facilitator of the Wheel of Consent since 2016. For more information, visit www.robyndalzen.com.