Ardyce Taylor


Kalari Movement is a group of people that practice and teach Kalarippayattu, the martial art from Southern India in the lineage of C.M. Sherif at the Kerala Kalarippayattu Academy in India. We present this healing art with a focus on health and wellness. Class begins with a gentle warm up and continually builds upon foundational movements until you flow through a pattern that feels like a cross between a prayer and a dance. Come ready to move and explore new facets of strength, focus, flexibility and awareness.


I started my journey with Kalari in 2013 and got to be part of the first group of teacher trained in Kalari in the U.S. This healing art has given me the courage to exit toxic relationships, unabandoned concentration that focuses my productivity, and the strength to provide a full life for my daughter.

Ardyce is a certified Master Herbalist through the East West School of Planetary Herbology. She also holds degrees in Biology and Math which she never uses.

COST $15 Multi-pass offered.

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