Kalari Workshop


Kalarippayattu, called kalari in the West, is an ancient martial and healing art from Southern India. This class will introduce three regional styles of kalari, as well as discuss some of the history of this rare art form, which has only recently begun to resurface in the mainstream after centuries of colonial repression. We will cover the basics of beginning a kalari practice in enough depth, that any participant will be able to attend a Kalari Movement class anywhere in Salt Lake with confidence and understanding.

Kalari Movement is a group of people that practice and teach Kalarippayattu, the martial art from Southern India. Our focus is on health and wellness. We present Kalari as a fun, dynamic way to learn body control, focus the mind, and get a full body workout. No yoga or Kalari experience necessary.


Ardyce and Lesha are graduates of the first Kalari Movement Teacher Training. Together they have 10 years of experience teaching with a variety of teaching skills to multiple groups.

April 29 9:30-11:00 am. COST $25

Register: www.ardykalarie.com

Email: whisperingwildflower10@gmail.com