Karen Cottingham

Coming October 5th at 8-9 pm

You are invited to a FREE

Introduction to Shamanic Journeying with Karen Cottingham.

You will receive important information about journeying, have an opportunity to do a journey, ask questions and check it out to see if you like it!

In this introduction you will learn what the Shamanic Journey is, and how you can safely access non-ordinary realities to meet and connect with your personal helping spirits. This is a powerful path of discovery! You will have an opportunity to sigh up on Thursday.

Beginning Journeying weekend workshop,

Nov. 10, 11,12 2017 at Vitalize Studio

In this experiential weekend workshop you will learn to safely travel to other realms and dimensions seeking and meeting loving, compassionate helping spirits and guides. This will bring us into direct relationship and connection with our own inner wisdom. This is not a religion. These are techniques and skills that can assist us in honoring and knowing our higher selves.

It is a very personal and powerful path of discovery!

You will learn how to navigate in the Lower Worlds, the Middle Worlds and the Upper Worlds. Using the beat of the drum, you will have amazing opportunities to access information for your purpose here and glimpses into your souls journey.

The Workshop will be at Vitalize Community Studio ~ 3474 South 2300 East # 12

Friday Nov. 10th,  7:00pm – 10:00pm

Saturday Nov. 11th,  10:00am – 5:00pm

Sunday Nov. 12, 12:15pm – 5:00pm

Cost for the workshop  $175 Limited to 10 participants!

Please contact Karen Cottingham @ kcottingham@juno.com

Call or text 801-520-9719

Here is a link with a lot of great information about Shamanic Journeying: 



Here is a book by Hank Wesselman about Journeying

The Journey to the Sacred Garden by [Wesselman, Hank]