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Thursday CORE and Stretch YOGA 4:15

4:15-5:30 In-Person at Vitalize & Zoom

At the basis of all healthy and supported movement is our core: the foundation to stability and exploration. This class will include drills for core including abdominals, the back body, shoulders/rotator cuff, glute activation, and support for hips, back and neck. Always at the heart of the focus: how can you best be a gift to yourself through yoga in your movement and your life off the mat. All levels welcome

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About Clear-sight Counseling

My service is called Clear-sight Counseling; I started it in order to bring my unique experience working with everyone from combat veterans to CEOS and refugees to private practice. I focus on providing insight and awareness to problematic, but understandable patterns of behavior and assisting people in changing these patterns in a clear, direct and compassionate manner. I utilize several evidence-based therapies (EMDR, CPT, DBT, CBT, MI, and others) as well as holistic approaches backed by 2600 years of eastern practice and modern research, including mindfulness, deep meditative work and other somatic, body-based approaches.

Cameron Morgan


Shine Esthetics Terra Lynn D’Agostino

Shine believes that every being deserves to shine, and that good skincare is a luxury you can afford.

We use the finest skincare products that support and rejuvenate your healthy, beautiful skin, and provide expert skin consultation, treatment, touch and results.

Progressive, not aggressive, is our approach – and our Master Estheticians nourish skin wisely, treat skin gently, and challenge skin strategically.

Our low-dose approach gently awakens regenerative abilities, creating long-term and consistent improvement in radiance and tone.

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