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Functional Movement Yoga with Trista Winder

Strength & Flexibility

Monday 4:15-5:30pm In-Person coming soon at Vitalize & Zoom
Text to Reserve: 801.636.3156
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Open your mind, body and heart to a class meant to strengthen the muscles that are least likely to be working on us, as well as lengthening the muscles that are overworked. Through active stretching, steady holds, and postural awareness this class is meant to help support your overall body health,  mental awareness, and connecting with being a gift to yourself.

Core & Stretch

Thursday 4:15-5:30pm In-Person at Vitalize & Zoom with Trista Winder
Text to Reserve: 801.636.3156
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At the basis of all healthy and supported movement is our core: the foundation to stability and exploration. This class will include drills for core including abdominals, the back body, shoulders/rotator cuff, glute activation, and support for hips, back and neck. Always at the heart of the focus: how can you best be a gift to yourself through yoga in your movement and your life off the mat. All levels welcome.

Alignment & Vinyasa Flow

Saturday 9:15-10:15am In-Person at Vitalize & Zoom with Trista Winder

Text to Reserve: 801.636.3156

Join a class that enables you to enjoy the fluidity of constantly moving vinyasa style class, as well as teaching you healthy alignment to do the poses you are moving in and out of. Expect twists, heart-openers, arm-balances, and inversions with modifications given. All-Levels welcome.

Foam Roll, Self-Massage, & Restore

Saturday 4:15-5:15pm In-Person at Vitalize & Zoom with Trista Winder

Text to Reserve: 801.636.3156

With the use of the following props: foam roller, bolster, 2 yoga blocks, and your own hands, this class is the ultimate recovery for you. With foam rolling, self-massage, and restorative yoga poses we can help muscle tightness, fascial adhesions, and rejuvenation of adrenal glands and mental focus. Drive in the connection to recovery and healing for you.

Yin Yoga with Lucy Dillon

Wednesday 7-8:15pm In-Person at Vitalize

Sunday 7-8:15pm In-Person at Vitalize

Text 801-450-3537 to reserve your spot.

Yin Yoga targets the connective tissue in chronically stiff areas of the body through supported, simple poses held for 3-5 minutes each.  Areas of the hips, spine, shoulders, for example, have more fascia and connective tissue than some other areas, so gets lots of attention in this class.

No yoga experience is required and this format is beneficial for everyone from beginners to advanced yogis — and athletes will get a great benefit as will students who are just touching their toe into the water of rejuvenation and heath.

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