Happy Spring Season to you all! 

Everyone, please meet Christopher (Kakuyo) Ross-Leibow and Sharon Aaron. 

We are happy to let you know about a positive transition taking place at Vitalize Community Studio. Due to the intensity of Lucy’s book projects, she is adjusting work responsibilities to meet writing and travel deadlines in 2023. 

Effective this month, Lucy is humbly handing off passwords, management and ownership of Vitalize to these wonderful humans and their colleagues in the Salt Lake Buddhist Fellowship. 

Christopher is the Practice Leader/Sensei/Founder of SLBF has been a part of the Vitalize community for many years, even as far back as our location in Sugarhouse. The group left the studio when Covid hit, and went fully online. Now, their intention is to maintain the community studio model and bring the in-person SL Buddhist Fellowship under the Vitalize Community Studio umbrella. 

Sharon Aaron is the new Vitalize Manager (email her at [email protected] if you would like to reserve the beautiful space…) and a longtime SLC business owner and community advocate. Lucy has known Christopher and Sharon personally for three years and admires and trust the hearts and intentions of the group.

Lucy is not going anywhere. Her public and private classes will take place as usual.

Lucy has been honored to shepherd Vitalize through COVID and other tricky economic circumstances for the past 2+ years, and she has adored getting to know all of you. Lucy will be around to continue all of the connections.

Please email Sharon at: [email protected]

or call (385) 441-6083 ~ Vitalize Community Studio

Interested in renting our Community Studio?

Please visit our Studio Rental page.

Interested in renting space in one of our Healing Arts Rooms and/or have additional questions? Contact Sharon via email or either text or call her at Vitalize Studio (385) 441-6083