Events in March 2024

  • 03/03/2024 - Sound Bath with Doug

  • 03/05/2024 - Private Event - BT


    Ben Thompson

  • 03/06/2024 - Mala Project


    Last year the Buddhist Fellowship completed a mala service project and made 20 malas for incarcerated individuals in Utah Department of Corrections. This year they have requested 20-50 malas!!

    We will hold three workshops - Materials for malas will be purchased and provided along with instructions. A minimum donation of $5 per mala is encouraged but not required to participate.

  • 03/07/2024 - Mindful Based Stress Reduction


    new 8 week series - sign up information coming soon

  • 03/09/2024 - Activate Your Sacred Fire and 1 other event


    Lori Lund


    information to come soon

    Zoie Hansen

  • 03/12/2024 - private event - HJ


    Private yoga workshop - Heather

  • 03/14/2024 - Mindful Based Stress Reduction


    new 8 week series - sign up information coming soon

  • 03/16/2024 - hold for event -SB


    Sadie Barac

  • 03/20/2024 - SLBF - private event


    board meeting

  • 03/22/2024 - Qigong and Sound Bath


    Join Sifu Toni Lock ( for Qigong movements while having the magic of sound inspired by Curtis Forbush (The Mystic Playground).
    And, then we’ll settle in for the evening with a 45-minute Sound Bath led by Curtis.

    $40 per person

    More details and tickets at

  • 03/24/2024 - Healing with the ANGELS


    Whether you are an Angel for someone in need, you are the recipient of Angels both seen and unseen or you love connecting to the angels who helped birth in a new Era of Christ Consciousness, you don't want to miss "Healing with the ANGELS!"

    First we will meditate to connect to the angels for guidance, then we will form a tunnel and become Angels and take turns walking with the ANGELS through the tunnel as we hear divine messages being whispered in our ears.

    Second, we will sing and then dance together with the Angels as we anchor in our own rebirth into Christ Consciousness and heal wounds of the past.

    It is scientifically proven that when we sing and dance together in community with the Divine, our brain neurologically becomes regulated.

    Indigenous tribes and ancient cultures have used this technique of song and dance with community for ages!

    All proceeds will go to SHOWERS OF HOPE, to provide warm showers, clothes, and soup for our unsheltered community.

    Feel free to be an ANGEL and bless our unsheltered community by bringing blankets, warm clothes, socks, underwear, and coats to be distributed by "Showers of Hope" and “Nomad Alliance” Items can be "used" so clean out your closet and prevent a fellow human from freezing to death! We are especially in need of men's clothing.

    Tickets are $22, $33, or $44. You choose which ANGEL # feels right to you!

    Only 30 spots available so get your tickets fast!!!!

    Pay with Paypal: [email protected]
    Cashapp: $ReneeShaw5

    Led by Ryxi (Renee Shaw)
    Author, channeler, ceremony leader, and Spiritual coach.

    Event planner Cam Williams.

  • 03/29/2024 - Laughter Yoga


    Laughter yoga is a unique exercise that combines laughter, breathing, small movements, and childlike playfulness.

    No laughter experience necessary. Join Chelsea and laugh your way to good health. Contact Chelsea to pre-register.


  • 03/30/2024 - Sound Bath with Doug